LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is becoming a popular service used in many beauty salons/ clinics like Lady’s beauty care due to it’s amazing skin benefits, so if you are a new beauty therapist who would like to know more about this service, when and how to bundle it with other services, or you have your own salon and would like to know more about how LED light therapy works and how it benefits the skin, then we have right course for you.

The LED light therapy course is a great TAFE short course that provides you with the theory training, and the hands on training necessary to be able to promote and provide the service and make more profits.

Go to TAFE SA -Hair and Beauty – short courses to find more

Special Skin Treatment

Does it confuse you when you think of what serum is going to help your skin? Well yes it’s confusing, but I am going to explain and make it more simple to choose the right serum/ vitamin that suits your skin.

First of all these special skin treatments come in different names, shapes and forms, some companies call them skin food, skin vitamins, or skin treatments.

They have been called by these names because they have more concentrated active ingredients like vitamins A-B- C -D and Hyaluronic Acids.


These have an ultra-light formulation, non-greasy texture and a high concentration of active ingredients. They are not designed to be used on their own, except on oily skins. They are generally applied under a moisturiser to enhance its benefits and boost the anti-ageing process.

A serum

Works overnight to help hydrate and repair the skin.

It stimulates collagen and accelerates cell turnover.

B serum

Morning and night serum to be used under your moisturiser.

B 3 helps the skin’s firmness and reduces pigmentation.

B5 promotes softer skin and B 9 helps to reduce the appearance of skin redness.

C serum

Morning serum to be used under moisturiser. High concentration of vitamin C.

It reduces the appearance of premature ageing.

Powerful antioxidant.

D serum

If applied 2-3times a week it protects against skin cell damage.

Reduce wrinkles depth.

Skin lifting/ firming

These products can be masks or moisturisers, that are designed to tighten, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ampules Treatment

They are high in active ingredients like wheat germ, vitamins placed in sealed ampules, to insure they are very fresh. They can penetrate the skin easily.

Delicate care for eyes

Fine skin around the eyes is the first sign of ageing, as well as dark circles and puffiness. Don’t be tempted to deal with the problem by applying on heavy moisturiser or oil, your eyes will benefit more from specially designed eye cream, serum or gel.

The skin around the eyes need extra special care, because it is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, making it less able to hold moisture. There are less oil glands around the eyes making the delicate skin dry, resulting in elasticity loss quickly.

Choosing an eye treatment

Face cream and moisturisers are too heavy for the eye area, they can block tear ducts, causing puffiness, so you should use a product specially made for the eyes. There are many eye cream brands to choose from. For example, gel based eye creams are great for young or oily skin, and light eye cream or serums are more suitable for 25+ women.

Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 to hydrate, smooth and nourish. Vitamin A known for its anti-ageing properties, increases elasticity and reduces wrinkle depth.

White Tea and Mulberry protects the skin from free radical damage.

How to prevent puffy eyes

This is one of the most common beauty problems.

Always apply the eye cream with your ring finger, as this one is the weakest finger on your hand and won’t stretch the delicate skin.

Apply eye cream in small quantities rather than applying lots occasionally.

When you remove your make up, pay attention not to stretch the delicate skin.

Put your eye cream in the refrigerator as it helps to reduce puffiness when you apply it cold.

Ways to beat wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can be prevented with a little know-how and some special care. Here are some tips to keep in mind, no matter what age you are.

Be gentle on your skin

When you apply skin care products or make up don’t drag at your skin, especially around the eyes as these areas show the largest signs of ageing. Also avoid products that make your skin itchy or sensitive.

Stop Smoking

Smokers need to know that smoking speeds up the ageing process, and slows down cell regeneration, thus giving the skin a sluggish grey look.

Cleanse your skin throughly

Some people think that if they cleanse their skin everyday it will be very dry, which leads to lines and wrinkles.

To have a glowing, fresh, and youthful looking skin, It is essential to keep your skin free from makeup residue, dirt and dead skin cells.

Ask your Beauty Therapist, for a suitable cleanser they might recommend for your skin.

Regular Exfoliation

To keep your skin soft and smooth, you need to Exfoliate your face starting with once, and build it up, to twice a week to remove dead skin cells. This routine will increase the blood flow to the top layers of the skin, as blood circulation boosted, new skin cells brought up to the surface, and showing a rosy glow.

Deep Moisturize your skin

As well as using daily serums and moisturizer, you can also boost the skin’s moisture level on a weekly basis, by using a nourishing face mask or a mix of your ABC serums and leave it on the skin for 20 mins, then remove the excess with tissues.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

The sun is the biggest cause of skin ageing. You should use sunscreen everyday of the year. This will prevent your skin from becoming prematurely aged, as well as protecting it from burning .

Pamper your skin

As well as a good home care regime, I recommend to book yourself monthly facial such as Microdermabrasion and vitamin infusion, that will improve the look of your skin, stimulate new cell growth, and enhance the skin’s products absorption.

Skin and environmental conditions

Environmental conditions such as changes between the seasons and exposure to dehydrating environments such as air conditioning, can effect the function and condition of the skin. In the cold weather keratin in the skin become stiff and less flexible, and it might lead to flaking and redness causing a tight feeling in the skin.

In the cold weather the skin looks more dull and it loses it’s healthy glow.

Overexposure to the sun has it’s effect on the function of the skin as well, as the skin degenerates elasticity and increases sensitivity.

Smoking deprives the skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function effectively, resulting in dull and lifeless skin. The skin becomes prematurely wrinkled as the collagen and elastin weaken.

Skin Peeling Treatment:

The skin is the body’s largest organ, it also happens to be the most exposed. Everyday we expose our skin to harmful ultraviolet rays just by stepping outside.

Skin peeling treatment can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections. Other benefits are:

Improves skin dullness

Reduces pores size

Reduces superficial pigmentation

Maintains skin health

Helps to hydrate, brighten and lighten the skin.

Rejuvenates skin

Suitable for all skin types

Treatment for sun damaged and aging skin

Skin peeling is a non-invasive procedure for clients seeking highly visible results. The peel provides a deeper exfoliation to the outer most layer of the skin, which in turn stimulates the cellular turnover and the internal structure of the skin to activate fibroblasts and collagen synthesis.

Skin peeling treatment allows optimal penetration of the applied active ingredients.

Contraindication to this treatment:

Broken skin

Eczema or Dermatitis

Herpes complex

Recent Sunburn or wind burn.

Recent facial surgery

Pregnant women

Clients on Roaccutane

Clients under 12 years of age

Low maintenance skin care routine:

Busy people have no excuse not to look after their skin, As I am going to give you a very simple skin care routine, to help you maintain your beautiful skin.

you don’t want to buy skin care, thinking that it’s a waste of money, if it’s not going to be used, And you know that you can’t promise to look after your skin, because you are so busy.

Well it doesn’t matter how busy you are you still wash your face before you go to bed, right? So basically at night, after washing all you need to add is a cleanser , and you can wash your face with only water in the morning. Put your face cleanser on the basin next to the soap so you remember to cleanse nightly.

Starting with once a week you exfoliate your face and build it up to 2 times a week.

Hint put your exfoliant in the shower, so you remember to exfoliate  after finishing washing your hair.

Moisturise daily and use eye cream.

Most makeup have spf in them these days, so you don’t have to put sunblock , if your makeup has already spf in it.

That is all what you have to do, it’s not a huge time consuming is it?

Cleanse nightly, Exfolaite 1-2 times a week, Hydrate and Protect daily.

Your face skin is the most exposed part of your body. People look at your face when they talk to you, so when you look after your face skin you feel more Confident and comfortable.

When you get used to looking after your skin,  you don’t want to look back. It is a beautiful feeling to have a fresh skin everyday.

Reviewing skin care/look Makeup.

These are some of the products that I use, and I want to share my review about them with you.

ASAP super serum A+ : It contains pure retinol and peptide to increase cell renewal, and stimulate collagen to improve skin tone and texture.

I use it at night time under the Night cream, to help hydrate and repair any damaged skin cells. My skin feels really smooth, and it lightened my pigmentation amazingly.

Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream.

jane iredale mineral BB cream. This product is amazing BB cream.

Full coverage Foundation, sun block and water resistant for 40 minutes. I wear it everyday, and it lasts all day, but you need to touch-up with the powder during the day.

Pure pressed base Mineral Foundation with SPF 20.

This Mineral weightless powder feels like there is nothing on your skin. It gives a matte finish, with 40 minutes water resistance. contains anti-oxidants, Pine Bark extract and Pomegranate.

Lip Fixation jane iredale:

Lip stain/Gloss

This Mineral lip stain and gloss duo gives a long lasting rich lip colour. I love this product as it has vitamin E, Avocado oil, jojoba seed oil and ginger root extract. You need to know what ingredients you are putting on your lips, and thinking that this product is non toxic and hypo-allergenic is piece of mind.

Pure Gloss Lip Gloss:

jane iredale mineral non toxic lip gloss that leaves your lips moisturised and nourished, thanks to the great Antioxidants Blackberry and Pomegranate. I wear it everyday.

Facial Cleanser:

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleanser is purifying and non irritating, because of the biological activity of the bio active Manuka honey. Other ingredients in it are: Avocado oil, Aloe Vera.

This brand is certified with a 16+ Bio-Active Factor. Honey with a bio Active factor rating greater than 12 is clinically active.

Bee Venom And Fruit Boost Face Mask


First of all people allergic to bee-stings should not use this product . This Mask is rich with anti-aging ingredients including Bee Venom, Medical grade active Manuka honey and Anti-oxidants to stimulate cell growth  and Kiwi extract to lighten pigmentation and reduce redness.

Bronzing Custard Vani-T:

Amazing 3 in 1 Tan extender, body moisturiser and a gradual tanner. Looks very natural on the skin. Made with all natural ingredients like Kakadu plum, Aloe Vera and Vitamin A and E.

This product is your daily dose of sunshine.

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin apply daily to gradually get the tan you desire.

It can be used on the face as a moisturiser to give a glowing boost to the skin.

Choosing The Right Moisturiser for your Skin Type and Condition

Have you ever tried different moisturizer brands and it didn’t seem to give you the result that you wanted? Well i’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you choose the correct moisturizer that suits your skin.

First of all, anti-oxidants and sun protections are a must have in everyday skin care.

Cream, lotion or Ointment

If you have:

Dry Skin:

Look for Cream moisturizer which is a bit heavier than lotion to hydrate your skin. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, which helps the skin to stay hydrated. Other ingredients like Glycerin and Sorbitol help to attract moisture in, but you need to lock the moisture in, so look for ingredients like mineral oil or lanolin.

Oily skin:

If you have oily skin or acne prone skin, that means you have enough oil in your skin but, you lack the moisture. Look for lotion moisturizer.

Ingredients like Lactic Acid,Glycolic acid and Alpha- Hydroxy Acid control sebum production and at the same time moisturize the skin. If you have Acne look for the ingredient Salicylic Acid, also known as BHA, as it penetrate pores and cleans the from the inside out.

Sensitive skin:

If you have sensitive skin, look for moisturiser that is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Aloe-Vera gel is great.

Eczema :

If you have eczema then you need to look for moisturizing ointment which is high in Hyaluronic acid, and you can use a thick moisturizer on top of it with ingredients like petroleum in it, to block the cracked skin from the harsh free radical.